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  • The book is organized like a Facebook blog, it can be read starting from any page. Each post contains parental habits, doubts and fears, which we do not always admit to ourselves.
  • This book is about the hardest part of parenthood - how to love teenagers. It offers us to reflect together, and sometimes even to argue on how to live next to a teenager and whether it is necessary to mentor them.
  • "Practical pedagogy: the ABC of IE" answers one of the main pedagogical questions: how to teach so that all participants of the educational process not only do not regret the time spent, but also get real pleasure from the process?
  • Does the child need to go to school and why? What kind of school should there be, so that children learn there, and not suffer?
  • Dima Zicer tells how to return joy and pleasure to the process of communication between adults and children, making education an exciting adventure.
  • What if a child doesn't want to clean their room or help their parents around the house? How to distribute household chores?
  • How to talk about love and sex? How does parental separation affect relationships with children? What if the kids are fighting? Is it possible to avoid manipulation in communication?
  • What to do about these unbearable gadgets? What is “free time”? How can you help a person find hobbies they like?
  • How to establish relationships with the loved ones? How to ensure that education does not become a form of hard labour for children and parents?

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