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Apelsin days
One of the most famous talks of educator Dima Zicer given at the TEDxSadovoeRing conference. (English Subtitles)
Dima Zicer. About children, put the letter "Z". About children in the war. About adults who are scared
Girls in the Russian Federation were banned from wearing trousers, where children can be themselves, there are no cruel children. Dima Zicer

Love Not Discipline

Dima Zicer, an educator, answers the questions of parents, teachers, children - everyone who cares about the relationship between a child and an adult.

He tells how to enjoy this relationship, how to make life with children comfortable, vibrant, warm, happy for everyone, how not to make life for them and oneself a living hell, how to behave in different situations.
    Only the episodes of the project created in collaboration with the “Libo-Libo” studio are available on the website. The earlier episodes in collaboration with the “Radio Mayak” are available on Youtube (up to #162).

    The earliest (non-video) episodes are available on podcast on SMOTRIM.RU.

    Twelve lessons for advanced parents

    Please note: the course is free of charge. However, the method “works” exclusively for those who not only pay attention to all 12 lessons without skipping lessons and/or their parts but also do the homework given at the end of each video. Enjoy watching and studying!


        Public Talks

          *TV channel "Dozhd" and Alexey Pivovarov ("Redaktsiya") have been declared foreign agents by the authorities of the Russian Federation


          Director: Dima Zicer. Performed by: students of the school "Apelsin"

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