Love Not Discipline

Dima Zicer, an educator, answers the questions of parents, teachers, children - everyone who cares about the relationship between a child and an adult.

He tells how to enjoy this relationship, how to make life with children comfortable, vibrant, warm, happy for everyone, how not to make life for them and oneself a living hell, how to behave in different situations.
«Love Not Discipline»: the comma's place is up to us.

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    Only the episodes of the project created in collaboration with the “Libo-Libo” studio are available through the links.
    You can find the earlier episodes in the “Radio Mayak” podcast on SMOTRIM.RU

    The episodes from #162 onwards are awailable on YouTube.
    The book “Love Not Discipline” is organised like a Facebook blog, it can be read starting from any page. Each post contains parental habits, doubts and fears, which we do not always admit to ourselves. Everything one may need to go beyond the usual routine in relations with children and not to repeat the mistakes of one’s parents is here.
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