Love Not Discipline

The book "Love Not Discipline" is organized like a Facebook blog, it can be read starting from any page. Each post contains parental habits, doubts and fears, which we do not always admit to ourselves. Everything one may need to go beyond the usual routine in relations with children and not to repeat the mistakes of one’s parents is here.

We often think that upbringing children means work, the need to control, prohibit, teach, correct — to live the life for your child. What for? Let us discard all these "must raise", "must protect" and look at children as individuals. And then it will be an incredible joy for us to watch them grow up, learn to tie their own shoelaces, choose what they like to eat, wear, read.

“To parent means not to deny yourself the immense pleasure of watching the process. It means to see what is given by fate only to parents — to see how the child changes, grows, learns the world. I'm sure parenting is parental freedom and joy, educating is parental jail. Maybe it's time to break free? "

The articles, posts and notes combined in this book are the reactions of the author, an experienced educator, to specific situations, responses to parental inquiries. And at the same time, this is an invitation to think on and doubt together a variety of topics related to interaction with the loved ones. That is why, in essence, you have a pedagogical blog, in which the relevance of the topic determines the form and the content of the status.

The book "Love Not Discipline" is part of the series "Life Skills. Books for parents. " These are unique books for parents who want their children to grow up to be harmonious, free, creative and happy people.

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