Freedom From Education

The world around us is changing rapidly, we are changing with it. But, alas, still every morning children and teachers go on their crazy journey to the land of knowledge, trying to answer themselves the question "What am I doing here?", or, much sadder, without asking this question at all. It is getting less and less clear to a modern schoolchild why they should spend such an impossible number of hours every day attending school, instead of getting new knowledge and experiences in a museum, at an exhibition, with interesting people, on the Internet, or in the company of friends... "Practical Pedagogy: The ABC of IE" answers one of the main pedagogical questions: "How should we teach today so that all participants in the educational process not only do not regret the time spent, but also get real pleasure from this process?" The book describes new ways of interacting with the changing reality, offers a professional language intelligible to modern young people. Considering pedagogy a creative profession, moreover – a kind of art, – the authors of the book, Dima Zicer and Natasha Zicer, give practical answers to many professional questions, offer modern tools that have been repeatedly tested in different countries around the world.

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